Reykjavik: A land of amazing hot dogs and stunning street art

May 2, 2013

I ate so many hot dogs last week. They do them up right in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. There's a little hot dog stand near the Harpa, a concert hall that was the backdrop for most of my daylight hours during the trip, and I was a frequent customer there. The rough equivalent of $4 in Iceland's ISK would get me this normal-sized tube of vaguely identifiable meat, topped with ketchup, a local sweet relish, raw onions, and — here's the clincher — fried onions. Very fried. Crunchy fried. It lends a nice bonus consistency to the dog, and an added bit of deliciousness.

I also tried whale steak and visited a penis museum. The former was surprisingly delicious (and sustainably fished!) and the latter amounted to an extended barrage of puns launched by myself and my traveling companions in the U.S. press. When I was asked to tweet proof of the penis museum visit on my arrival home, I sent out an iPhone pic with a dick-adorned shot glass alongside an apology, explaining that it was all I "had handy at the moment." I fired out another tweet to the same person a few minutes later to express the hope that he'd hesitated in fear before clicking that link.

I know that wasn't a pun. Shut up. That's why. It was funny. Now laugh, monkey.

Reykjavik isn't just a haven for tubes of meat, preserved and cooked alike. It's also host to a magnificent array of street art. I spent part of one morning wandering through the streets with my good pal and colleague Alex Rubens, and we saw some great stuff. Check it out. More to come.