Three cheers for 5 Pointz

June 23, 2013

I haven't been here lately. Between starting the new job, preparing for E3, going to E3, coming back from E3, getting sick, getting better, and catching up, there's been little time for Geek Manifesto. I've been using my camera plenty though, and here's a new selection from my most recent outing to 5 Pointz.

If you live in or visit New York City and you have any appreciation for offbeat art forms, this is a place you need to go. Never seen it? Take a ride out to Queens on the 7 train and just stare out the north-facing windows. You'll see it then. Better to get off the train and wander though. Go read about it.

I've got nothing else. It's Sunday and a great deal of food was just consumed. Just look at the pretty picture and let me foodcomasleep. G'night.