I fell into a Valley of Fire…

December 17, 2013

With apologies to Johnny Cash for that terribly punny headline. I don't know where my dear friend and colleague Ryan Fleming is right now, but rest assured he's offended by its existence.

Hi Internet. I haven't been here since the early summer, though my camera's been plenty busy. The new job has pretty much turned this website into a photo gallery, and I'm perfectly okay with that. I currently have thousands of photos to sort through, gathered over the past six months. Forget about all of those though. I'm in Las Vegas right now! And I went to the Valley of Fire State Park today!

What an incredible collections of vistas. Very different from Red Rock Canyon, which I've also chronicled here. It's much flatter, more spread out. And man oh man is it gorgeous. Beautiful rock formations, lots of wildlife, and a surprising number of untouched, well-preserved petroglyphs. I was there today, and I came back from the trip so charged that I needed to put the photos up right away. I'll get to the rest of my backlog… eventually. Maybe a 2013 round-up. I don't know. This is my website. I'm not beholden to anyone other than my lazy ass. Enjoy the sights.