Wakka wakka!

August 8, 2015

Hi everyone. Meet Fozzie Bear.

Fozzie came into our life a couple weeks ago, when North Shore Animal League paid Mashable a visit with some rescue puppies in tow. I took one look at Fozzie — he was just "Bear" back then — and texted a photo to Virginia, along with the "threat" that I might be coming home with a dog. 


It went on like that. I didn't pull the trigger right then, but we talked later and decided we wanted to add Fozzie to our little furry family. There was just one problem: North Shore said he'd been adopted. We smiled, said "Oh well," and agreed to keep looking. But we were both bummed; Fozzie seemed like the perfect pup for us.

Life went on. Virginia and I both went on half-assedly looking for another puppy. North Shore promised they'd call if anything changed with Bear, and I think we both secretly hoped for that slim possibility to play out. But let's be real, we thought. Who WOULDN'T adopt dat face?

Two different people, as it turns out. I got an email from the wonderful North Shore folks a few days after our hoped-for Bear adoption was shut down. He was available now. He could be ours. Were we still interested?

HELL YES. So we got Bear. And, thanks to Virginia, we re-dubbed his Fozzie Bear. It fits. He laughs a lot. And he's a brown, floppy, Muppet-esque bear-thing. He's also going to be a monster. Just 12 weeks old (maybe 11?) and already at 20 pounds. But he's still our little, fragile baby dog for now.